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A consumer advocate, a
lawyer and an author who has changed the game for consumer safety, the FDA and
also automotive companies. Ralph Nader had the most impact on society’s health
and safety. Ralph Nader’s accomplishment is the education of America’s
consumers. Nader was a dedicated consumer advocate and believed people should
have safe and reliable products. Nader played a big role in helping pass the
laws of Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and the Clean Air Act. Both laws were
passed in the 1970’s and Nader felt that Americans needed to be protected from
harmful safety issues. His work has improved the way that Americans live such
as environment, healthcare, insurance, pension and disability rights. He is
also the founder of numerous nonprofit organizations that carry this important

            Nader’s big breakthrough was with General Motors (GM) and
their Chevy Corvair. Nader claimed these vehicles to be highly dangerous due to
many problems. Such as the tire pressure being unbalanced and not having
requirements for the tire pressure or the fact that there were no seat belts.
Often the hood hinges were not strong enough making the Corvair hood a flying
projectile. The Chevy Corvair’s were known for having bad stability control so
the car would often lose control. 

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went to extreme lengths to take away credit for Nader’s safety claims,
including hiring a private detective to follow him. Nader sued for invasion of
privacy and the case was settled after GM admitted wrongdoing to a U.S.
Senate committee. With the money he received from the lawsuit he helped establish a number of advocacy organizations. Nader started to gain a larger following and many people
were supporting him; they became Nader’s Raiders they were involved in issues
such as nuclear safety, international trade, regulation
of insecticides, meat processing, pension reform, land use,
and banking.

first Nader’s Raiders were seven law students and recent graduates organized by
the consumer advocate Ralph Nader. In 1969 about a hundred undergraduate and
law students, most from Ivy League schools and many from wealthy families, were
hired to investigate a variety of areas of government and corporate abuse,
including mine safety, the health hazards of air pollution, and the food
industry by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These events led up to
Nader’s accomplishments and with the help of these law students AKA “Nader’s
Raiders” he was able to conquer these goals that made a big impact on society.

            Ralph Nader had the most impact on society’s health and
safety due to the fact that around 1969 the U.S traffic deaths for car
accidents were approximately 55,000; and in the year 2016 the U.S traffic
deaths for car accidents were approximately 35,000. Also the pollution over the
years has decreased dramatically due to the Clean Air Act of 1970 aided by
Ralph Nader and Nader’s Raiders.

            Nader didn’t just settle a lawsuit between General Motors
(GM) to improve safety features he made Americans become aware of these
faulties which made other big brand companies improve safety features on their
vehicles. Once other companies had seen how far Nader went to improve these
vehicle issues, one can assume that the other companies led towards improving
their safety as well.

            Of course these situations didn’t just happen with
automotive companies, since Nader was a consumer advocate he made sure most
products were safe for the consumer. Which led to a trend, once Nader addressed
a single problem many other companies of the same origin would often fix the
same problem or others that would arise. This created a chain reaction with
multiple companies even worldwide, concluding who can be the best company while
keeping the consumer safe and satisfied. There were many reasons why Ralph
Nader had such a major impact on America but these were just a few of them.

            Leading into the next topic on how General Motors (GM)
benefited from this whole situation. Before Nader took legal actions he suggested
that General Motors (GM) improve their safety implements. General Motors (GM) took
no interest in recreating or overlooking the safety implements for their vehicles.
So Nader being the consumer advocate he is decided to take legal action. Nader settled
the case satisfied with his and his fellow Nader Raiders accomplishments. General
Motors (GM) although unsatisfied with the verdict knew that many Americans had died
due to the lack of safety implements. After the first case, General Motors (GM)
was so distraught that they sent agents to keep an eye on Nader to witness any odd
activity due to Nader’s spotless record. The agents found nothing and the whole
situation was a waste of time and an embarrassment.  Nader eventually found out and sued General Motors
(GM) for invasion of privacy.

an important beneficial factor of this whole situation was that a chain reaction
was created, and other automotive companies started to implement better safety protocols
and focus on true safety factors. This reduced many fatalities across the whole
United Nations due to car safety implements that were much safer than before. 

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