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Faizan Ali

Subject: Statement of purpose

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I am recent graduate of
Mechanical Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila.
Which holds good reputation in the field of research especially in Mechanical
Engineering. Before going deep in my recent career I want to illustrate my
background. My parents are Teacher, hence I have natural interest of taking
bird eye view of every process. Since my childhood they were role model for me
in many aspects of life. Their motivational lectures were always sources of
energy for me to put my best efforts for betterment of world. In past few years
I had chance to travel across different cities of Pakistan along with my father
in case of Seminars, specially based on upcoming
challenges and future innovations in field of Mechanical Design. These seminars
were main reason for me to choose Mechanical Engineering as my future target.
To fulfil this I worked hard even harder and scored 89% marks in Intermediate enabling me to sit in Mechanical
Engineering class at one of the top institutes in Pakistan.

My current education has made
me able to understand basics of Design and Mechanical engineering by focusing
on subjects like Engineering Drawing, CAD/CAM, Machine Design, Mechanics of Materials,
Engineering Economics and many other subjects which provide backbone to research,
development and innovation of new machines. In parallel to this I have worked
on projects leading to the factors which are essential in design and energy
sector, like in my bachelor thesis project on Flat Pack Wind Turbine I worked
on design and efficiency of wind turbine, made complex parts easy to assemble
resulting an economically feasible model for under-developed areas of Pakistan.
Furthermore I worked on Solid Works and performed Finite Element Analysis which
play vital role in design industry. I have worked in leading industry of
Pakistan named Attock Refinery Limited, where my responsibilities were to lead
the crew in maintenance department and optimizing the processes in industry to
improve company’s capital. These new challenges polished me as a responsible engineer
and team leader by working side by side with trained and energetic engineers
and also moulded me to bear pressure under heavy responsibilities to lead units
in different aspects, indeed these skills are must holding skills for a
competitive and enthusiastic engineer in production and processing field. Never
using my spare time in dull activities I also trained myself as a Professional
Table Tennis player and won few tournaments at District level during my college
and University life, because physical fitness leads to a strong mind and hence
assisting new ideas which are more compatible.

The main benefit of studying MASTER
as an engineer in the field of research and development, and to gain the
necessary skills related to innovation in traditional designs of machines, that
would help me to take on the challenge of developing skills related to my
field, which may one day lead to the betterment of the world especially the
underdeveloped countries such as Pakistan. By working in mechanical design
based industry after my Masters in Design Engineering my main priority will be
achieving the standards that are demanding by the upcoming challenges in
enormous field of Mechanical Engineering.

The trend of thinking has been
changed for past few years as World has become hundreds of times faster than it
was, with critical thinking and technical development especially in field of Mechanical.
And it’s clear as water that revolution is coming in field of Mechanical Design,
where emerging demand of dynamically optimized and environment friendly machines
are forcing engineers to innovate technology and convert imagination in
reality. BEUTH HOCHSCHULE FUR TECHNIK BERLIN is one of the flag representors in
producing Engineers who are matching the upcoming requirements of smart and
efficient technology in Industry. My purpose for applying to Design Engineering
Master Program is to both to expand on my solid education and to create more
opportunities for myself in the future. I wish in particular to be trained at
an advanced level in the field of Design Engineering. I believe that this
course is intended to strengthen the skills of an undergraduate student, who holds
the basic knowledge of Mechanical Design, in the evergreen and lasting
profession of Mechanical Engineering.

I also understand that the
course will demand the most of my time and energy and may prove challenging for
me, but I am determined to tackle any challenges as I have the necessary
skills. If given the chance I will ace this course with distinction and prove
my worth.


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