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Argumentative EssayBy Lucas LaroccaPeriod 1 When people think of tackle football, many think of the words injury, concussions, touchdowns, and of course, tackling. These are all possible outcomes of playing this famous sport anywhere in the world. Because many of these outcomes are harmful and possibly fatal, it leads many parents to really consider if they should allow their kids and other young children to actually play the sport at a young age. This sport involves aggressive play in order to win the ball from the opponent which at many times, leads to harmful tackles that can affect the kids outside of the actual sport, and on to the real world. Even though tackle football can be played at such a young age to entertain your kids, parents should wait until their kids are older before letting their child take part in this sport due to the possible consequences such as crippling diseases, concussions, or delayed brain developmentOne reason this sport should not be played at a young age is the fact that it can harm or delay brain development. According to Stern a researcher for Boston University’s Alzheimer Disease Center and the BU Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Center, ”Other research has shown that the brain undergoes key periods of development during childhood and that several brain structures and functions reach a peak or plateau leading up to the age of 12 in males”. This is important because it shows that the age of twelve is crucial for brain development in young children and the fact that football can affect this is concerning and can affect the child’s future negatively. Delayed brain development is critical by affecting the way the child thinks and altering their perspective on their surroundings which is not something many parents would want to risk for their children. According to Christopher Filley of the University of Colorado School of Medicine, ”70 percent of all football players in the U.S. are younger than 14 and that players between 9 and 12 are exposed to an average of 240 head impacts in a single football season”. This is also important because it shows that a majority of the population that plays tackle football is actually younger than 12 years old and are at risk of delaying their brain development. The fact that each of these players are exposed to about 240 head impacts a season really gives a perspective on just how many kids are at risk of damaging their future just for the sake of playing the sport at a young age and should just wait a couple more years in order to minimize the risk of delaying their brain development.Not only can brain development be delayed, a potential consequence could be to suffer from a concussion, or other illnesses. According to Statistics on Youth Sports Safety from the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, ”concussion rates more than doubled among students age 8 -19 participating in sports like basketball, soccer and football between 1997- 2007”, even as participation in those sports declined. This is crucial because it helps show how more people are getting concussions even though less people are participating in sports. Because a lot of these are under 12, this emphasizes just how lethal participating in sports at a young age can do. Since they doubled, more and more young people are being harmed and it could be lowered just by not playing sports at a young age. These statistics also show ”The number of heat-related injuries from 1997 to 2006 increased 133%.Youth accounted for the largest proportion of heat related injuries or 47.6%”. This information is critical because it shows how not only can you get injuries directly related to the head or brain, but that you can get inured anywhere, by anything. Heat related illness is shown to have increased massively with the largest portion being athletes of younger age. If the athletes would wait until later on when they grow to participate in football, then the number of heat related as well brain related injuries would decrease drastically and not harm kid’s lives for the future just to play a sport at a young age.Although young people shouldn’t play football, some may say that they should because you can get injured at any age depending the circumstances. According to source 2 by Janie McCauley, NFL player, Chris Borland retired at age 24 because he is worried for his health and doesn’t want to face major consequences. This shows that NFL players can retain all of these injuries just like young people. Even though it can happen at all ages, young people shouldn’t play football because any injuries adults can get, kids can get and it would affect them worse, especially if their brain is still in a major process of developing. According to Stern’s research, ”On all three tests, the players who had started playing tackle football before they turned 12 performed significantly worse than players of the same age who had taken up the sport later in life”. This helps prove the fact that playing football at a young age has a negative effect and far outweighs the benefits of playing football before the age of 12. If kids were to play football at an older age it would lower the chance of risking the delaying of brain development as well as lower the chance of getting any other injuries. The person’s brain is crucial for their life and is a vital organ of the body.In conclusion, young people should not participate in tackle football. Playing this sport at such a young age can overall harm them more than it benefits them and could affect their future in a very negative way. The age of 12 is crucial for brain development, especially in young males, which should be taken into consideration when deciding whether your kid should play football or not. Not only is brain development a potential threat, but also concussions and other heat related illnesses can occur. Even though adults can get these problems, it affects kids worse due to the fact that not only their brain is developing, but also their body as well.    .  

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