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As an astonishing piece of work, Pride and Prejudice, has it’s own place among the classics of literature today. With this novel, we are able to see reflections of Austen’s period of time while she tells us the stories of three different marriages. In the novel focus is mostly based on Elizabeth, which is one of five daughters of Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Bennett, but we also get to learn about her two other sister’s, Jane and Lydia’s, journey towards marriage. Drafts of this novel were originally named as ‘First Impressions’ while it was written between 1796 and 1797 but title changed when it was published around 1815 in order to fit the title to it’s subject more accurately. With this paper, I will be focusing on the reasons of this change. The phrase ‘first impression’ carries a significant sentimental meaning, away from the author’s intentions. ‘First Impressions’ sentimentally suggests “… the strength and truth of the heart’s immediate and intuitive response, usually love at first sight.” (1). This meaning is completely opposite from Austen’s view of ‘impression’, especially when one sees how these impressions lead Elizabeth wrongly, causing her to think less of Mr. Darcy and admire George Wickham in the beginning.          Moreover, ‘First Impressions’ as a novel name would narrow it’s content to behaviours, manners and looks since impressions are mainly about outer appearance and that would not serve right to novel’s content. One would observe this world from a character’s point of view and would not have the option of seeing how their past affected their current status or if they are ever going to take that ‘self – enlightenment’ road which Elizabeth took when she received a letter from Mr. Darcy explaining himself. The title being ‘Pride and Prejudice’ opens up a whole different window for the reader. The audience are up above from characters and they are trying to find out who is filled with pride and who is filled with prejudice. Since they are no longer among the characters they know each character’s story before others and try to make assumptions before the ending.     Also, pride and prejudice are both manners that people avoid talking about loudly. All people at some time of their life experience feeling prideful and being prejudical but we rather not put it in the public eye. When we see a title like this we wonder what goes through characters’ minds and we want to see how they are deciding what to do.         Additionally, the novel does not only reflect the lives of its characters, it also reflects Jane Austen’s. When it was first written, times were different England compared to the time when it was first published. As a reader, we are able to see how Austen is affected by these social and economical changes around her by seeing military and role of women in society themes in this novel. Austen did not only show readers the Elizabeth Bennett’s world, she also showed readers a glimpse of  her world, too. In Austen’s time, women were to marry with the wealthy men to save their lives. Social classes were still alive and well, setting the barriers between rich and poor. In this novel, Austen demonstrated people outside of her own window, which is filled with pride and prejudice just like in the novel, that is another reason why this title fits more than ‘First Impressions.’          To sum up, in this paper, I suggested different reasons why ‘Pride and Prejudice’ is the correct choice for title rather than ‘First Impressions.’ Firstly, I mentioned significant meaning of ‘first impressions’ how it is opposite of Austen’s intended message. Secondly, I moved on to why the first title would not be fit for it’s content. Thirdly, I suggested that people avoid talking about pride and prejudice. Lastly; I looked at the Jane Austen’s world to understand her choice of words for title and characters whom was inspired from. Even ‘First Impressions’ seemed like the right choice of words in the beginning, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ is the perfect title for this novel and to me, it is one of the reasons why it is still finding herself a place in our bookshelfs today.

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