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Field Report 1


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registered for the field experience at king Fahad Specialist Hospital with the intention of applying the public
health knowledge that I gained in the institution’s Environmental Services
Department. After meeting with the preceptor and laying out the policies rules,
understanding my responsibilities, and readying myself for work, I went about
performing my duties and responsibilities with the intention of learning as
much as I could. During the course of the work, I got to acquaint myself with
the procedural activities, the medical services, and the rules to abide by
while working at the department.

Knowledge and Skills Applied

            The courses
that I undertook at the ETSU College of Public Health were of great benefit to
me during my first two weeks working in the Environmental Services Department. I
managed to apply the knowledge of the courses that involved such concepts as
lean Six Sigma, health quality maintenance and assurance, and collaborative
practice. I also applied the knowledge and skills gained during the studies on
environmental health issues and remedies and how they affect practice in a
hospital setting. Therefore, the courses I took while studying at ETSU were
beneficial in helping me understand the hospital environment, the roles to
play, and the areas of improvement.

Description of Job Duties

            My job duties at the
Department entailed the maintenance of the environmental health conditions in
the hospital. I worked in all the departmental units, while collaborating with
the other units when conducting my duties. While the facility had set
procedures and practices for ensuring that the patients live in the most
conducive environment for recovery, I also observed the areas of improvement
that it needed to promote the health of the staff as well as the patients.
Therefore, from my observations and practice, I made various recommendations
for the maintenance of environmental health at the institution.

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