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interest in improving the quality of frozen bull semen for the needs of the
market in recent years has been determined by the declined fertility of dairy
cows 1, 2 and world-wide practical usage of artificial
insemination 3.High viability and motility of spermatozoa are
important factors for successful artificial insemination (AI) because a
significant correlation between post-thawing sperm viability and subsequent
conception rate has been reported 4. The series of drastic changes in
their physical and chemical environment during the process of cooling, freezing
and thawing can cause damage to up to 50% of the spermatozoa 5. It
has been shown that an increase in post-thaw viability will result in increased
fertility of the semen 6. Failure of cows to become pregnant and
the need for repeated AI are the usual causes of frustration and economic loss
to the dairy farm owners 7. To increase the fertility rate proper
assessment of the post-thaw quality of semen is of the highest interest for AI
industry. There by the main goal of semen evaluation is to predict its
fertilizing ability 8. It has been generally accepted that there
are some relation between the fertility of the semen and its measurable
properties 9. Proper assessment of the post-thaw quality of
spermatozoa can provide insights into the fertilizing capacity of the
cryopreserved spermatozoa 9.Therefore, a number of laboratory
evaluation tests (live and dead sperm count, sperm morphology, and motility
index) are employed to measure fertilizing ability of spermatozoa. A very few
studies have been performed on post-thaw bull semen evaluation and relation of
semen characteristics to bull fertility in Bangladesh. Therefore, the present
study aims to determine the post thawing physical characteristics and relation
of sperm characteristics to filed fertility rate of bulls through artificial

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