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How markets work
together to generate economic globalisation, how people make choices,
in what way do those choices form markets leading to the development of
globalised businesses. Investigating these issues is the reason I want to study
a combined
Economics degree. In Economics, I have really enjoyed studying the topics at A
Level. I am
ready to further develop my understanding of economic concepts at an
undergraduate level
allowing me to have the right platform to achieve my goals of pursuing a career
in the Banking
and Finance sector and gain an detailed understanding on how the economy is
efficient and in
what ways it can become better to maintain its output and economic growth
This course will allow me to establish the right skills to recognise how
customers and
organisations co-operate and act,
how polices made by governments have an impact on the
economy and in what way financial markets work. This will allow me to leave
with a detailed
understanding of economic issues in contemporary society, and of the global and
surroundings where economic actions take place. Also, since the financial
crisis, I always had
an interest in Economics. My interest became stronger during the EU referendum.
At A Level, I have studied Sociology, Economics, Business Studies and Level 3
BTEC Sport. I’m
also studying AS Finance Studies and AS Psychology. I have always had an
interest in following
a career in the banking industry and studying these subjects has cemented this
aspiration for
me. Sociology has given an understanding on the importance of social needs of
society and the
impact of changes in tastes on society. This has given me an understanding of
what an economy
needs to do maintain its economic growth. In Sociology, I have studied Ethics
and have been
able to develop my awareness of the impact of human behaviour and what kind of
an economic
system is beneficial for consumers. Economics has given me a deeper
understanding how changes
in trade and the economic variables affect the economy. Sport has enabled me to
develop my
interpersonal, teamwork and leadership skills.
I helped to organise the KS3
and KS4 School cross country competitions which involved me
taking a leadership role and using my communication skills. Business Studies
has been an
invaluable subject to me and has prepared me to study economics because I have
gained the
knowledge and the understanding of its practice enabling me to develop key
skills and the
knowledge about the environment. AS Finance Studies has been essential by
giving me an
understanding of the how the banking system operates, what its key functions
are etc. Finally,
AS Psychology I studied attachment, this has given me the critical
understanding about the
interaction of human behaviour about how human relationships are formed which
is similar to
Economics having studied behavioural economics how consumers, firms and
governments making
decisions that will give them best utility but alternatively the conflicting
objectives that
may occur.
I have been a school subject representative for Business Studies where I helped
to represent
the school’s sixth form in open evenings and effectively explained the suite of
Studies qualifications and career options to aspiring year 11 students. Also,
having worked at
Amazon has given me the vital experience of what it will be like in the real
life working
environment having developed the right qualities and skills such as
communication and
teamwork. My interests outside of school include a range of sports,
particularly football,
which has further helped me to develop my teamwork and communication skills.
I am eager to begin the next level of study in this subject, enabling me to
gain a more
in-depth understanding about the economic behaviour of individuals,
multinationals and
governments, which has led to globalisation and foreign direct investment and
the bond
financial institutions have with others

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