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Intimate Partner
Violence is a very serious confliction in relationships in the world.  According to an article name “An Attachment
Theory Perspective on the Prepetuation of Intimate Partner Violence” by Eli J.

Finkel and Erica B. Slotter is a document that properly states the relationship
between the “Attachment Theory” and “Intimate Partner Violence”.  Intimate Partner Violence can be broken down
into two ways.  The first way is this
kind of behavior is due to the fact that certain men feel that they must be
dominate over the woman there are intimate with and the woman have lower status
and must give into the man.  The second
type of behavior is that in the relationship both partners may exhibit violence
to suppress the feelings of being vulnerable or threatened in the

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“Attachment Theory” is about how either a child or adult can show signs of
attachment in different ways.  According
to Finkel and Slotter, Adults features different ways of attachment as a child
exhibits.  The way the adult exhibits
this type of attachment behavior is either classified as being secure,
avoidant, and anxious-ambivalent.  Secure
demonstrates that in the relationship comfortable get close with others.  Avoidant is the difficulty of being close with
other because they feel that they can rely on or trust the other partner.  Anxious-Ambivalent is the extreme anxiousness
of one partner worrying about the metal and physical actions of the other
partner.  All of these theories are great
ways to categorize the types of relationships that can arise between two
people.  Again these kinds of behaviors
can arise from people in the relationship feeling threatened of the bond
deteriorating or becoming none existent. 

            According to the research documented
in the article they state that Intimate Partner Violence cannot be treated by
individual therapy or couples therapy but it can only agitate the situation
further.  Violence is the key in this
type of behavior because the abuser has the fear of the attachment bond being
lost.  By the threat and indication of
the attachment to another person being lost this is when the abuser instigates
threats, physically and mentally, toward the other person.  This is a recipe for disaster due to the fact
that the abused cannot get out of the situation very easily.  Also by these actions mentally and physically
stem from anxiety and distress arising in the abuser.  Anxiety can be contributing to the abuser to
become mentally impaired and not judge correctly what the abuser is doing to
the other partner.  The Attachment Theory
explains the attributes of how the abuser may be threatened and the way the
abuser can/will react.  Many studies have
been conducted that can only prove the mental and physical way someone may
abuse someone else.  Someone abusing
someone else is not to be tolerated.  The
abuse of someone should be reported and the abuser should be taken to the
fullest extent of the law.  The action of
abuse, whether physical or mental, can affect someone for the rest of his or
her life.  Life is precious and we must
protect that beautiful gift.     

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