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It seems to be a trend that as car manufactures make brilliant
cars, their Formula One teams are struggling to get a car on the track that can
beat a push bike controlled by a 2-year old, and that when their Formula One
team is for once ‘on track’ you may as well buy a horse instead of their cars,
as the likelihood of you making it to your destination is much than if you were
to use that car.


McLaren came 9th in this years Formula One Constructor
championship. Managing to even get beaten by the French, which, I might add, is
quite the achievement. And while some blame this on the Honda engine, I believe
that this sudden breakdown of McLarens F1 performance is much more easily
linked to the cars that they are bringing onto the road.

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McLaren has steadily become worse and worse in the F1
standings since 2010 and now, as they reached the bottom of the team chart I
expected something incredible. And McLaren has delivered.


The designers of the 720S were inspired by a Great White
Shark. And it shows. The car looks like it has been engineered by agent 007
himself. A perfect balance between a sleek and cunning assassin and a calm and
collected gentleman.


That is, until you come anywhere near the throttle. At this point
the 720S’s 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 decides that it wants to simultaneously
sound like a starting fighter jet, 150 crying babies, a NASA rocket launch that’s
gone wrong AND the starting grid of a Formula One race! With the exception of McLarens Honda engines of
course, they never work anyways.


And, while
your eardrums are exploding, you never cease to forget how idiotically fast the
car is. It goes from 0-150 faster than a VW Golf goes from 0-60. And in the
corners the 720S will make the sound of 151 crying babies. Cause you’ll be
crying with them.


The chassis
has been modelled to produce 50% more downforce than its predecessor the 650S. This
means that around a track, it’ll go faster than its bigger brother. The P1.


And that’s because
while the P1 is equipped with a warp drive and technology from the future, the
720S is the last of the analogue watches. It is indeed the last dinosaur to
walk this earth.

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