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societies are peaceful and diverse, they protect free speech and are governed
by reasonable people who protect all basic human rights. I argue that this
definition of a liberal society fits in perfectly with my definition of free
speech with regards to what is allowed and not allowed. I contend that in a
liberal society, endorsement and discussion of any act should be treated as
free speech and thus accepted by all members of said society. In contrast,
non-liberal societies fail to treat its members as truly free and equal; posts
on social media that endorse the opinions of the minority are immediately
censored, and these societies might adopt twisted notions of justice and morality
due to their coercion. I argue that any truly liberal society is founded upon
the ideas of respect for others, in the sense of treating citizens as equals
and not on the prospect of harming others.  Additionally, restrictions on liberty can and
indeed should be prescribed when threats of immediate violence are voiced against
some individuals or groups, as I have argued throughout this essay. There
becomes a point where legally and morally, social media platforms have an
obligation to remove content that is coercive and inciting illegal activity in
any way. (Sneed 1976, pp.18)


I would like to draw this essay to a close by
attempting to establish a genuine case where what I have been arguing in this
essay perhaps does not apply; an anomalous case specific to social media where
it does not seem right to apply my standard. There are scenarios which often
appear where users of social media use their platforms or fake accounts to
spread lies and false information in order to incite racial division and
hatred. A prime example of this is the spreading of generic hate to Muslims in
Sweden. Recently, Sweden has experienced a record level of immigration into
their country, as a nation they have been extremely welcoming to immigrants in
recent years, with 163,000 people entering the country (of only c10m
inhabitants) in 2016, compared to 60,000 in 2000. Yet, as with so many of the
immigrant crises taking place throughout the world, some residents of these ‘destination’
countries do not feel they have a responsibility to take in these helpless
people, and take to social media to vent their anger and fear. Posts make their
way to social media voicing people’s disgust with their Government for taking
in refugees, and it brings about offensive and untrue propaganda on those who
have escaped dangers or lack of opportunity in their 

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