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Media is not about exploitation of technology but service to
community. This is an interesting quotation from Simon Mainwaring and I want to
serve community through media platform. The key to engaging content? Think
bigger, bolder and braver.”  (Ann
Handley). The purpose of this quotation here is that I want to awake hearts
that voice deep down inside and to help to motivate and stimulate to people
through media platform.  “Educate, entertain, inform.” These are the 3 words John Reith
used to encapsulate the BBC. Without education we are nothing and cannot determine
of our destination and bright future because education is the passport to our
brighter future and only those belong to tomorrow who prepare it for today.

I am as much passionate about this as nobody can
imagine. My ambition is to become a journalist and I wish to combine these passions
and follow my ambition to become a journalist by continuing my studies into
Higher Education. It is well known that power entices and I, numerous others,
have become enthralled by the power of the written and spoken words. This captivation
has created a bottomless interest in writing, and Journalism provides the excellent
vent to nurture my skills and opens new channels for me. This fascinated me
that time when I was in Pakistan and completed my Bachelors of Arts degree in
Journalism but unfortunately in my back home I could not have any platform
where I can express my feelings but after advent here in London I got platform
where I started to writing articles in Urdu Newspapers and my first article was
published in 2012, and then weekly or monthly my articles get starting
published in Urdu Times UK. I could not go to university for media course as
fees was so high and it was unaffordable for me. Later on I tried to get online
media education but again money problem and then visa status were on my way as
obstacles. I tried to apply for volunteer in media field in different small
organisation but unfortunately could not get a chance as there was no UK media
degree or experience I own that time but I did not lose heart and continued my
struggle for Journalism/ Media in different colleges and universities and small
organisation but there was visa barrier as well which stopped me to continue my
studies towards higher education in media field and joining small organisation
for experience. I joined a Pakistani news channel as City Reporter London as
volunteer, and now I am working in this channel as a volunteer and cover events
of local areas, even do travel from own pocket and in this matter my friends
help me as they know that how much I am passionate about this and want to
pursue this in order to accomplish my ambition. I love challenges and in media
everyday different tasks and assignments are given and even do not know what is
going to be next. It is indeed thrilling and electrifying to me to face new
challenges as life is its self a challenge and now it depends a person how he
tackles it. In my previous job I was fed up to do same thing every day, albeit,
I was making money but internally I was not satisfied because I want to do
something in which I am keenly interested and passionate, as I write articles
which is unpaid but feel pleasure and even I cover local area events and do
travel from my own pocket but I love it.

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I am making this application as I am profound fascinated
by the vast scope of media and how media plays vital role in the society and
affects human’s life in some way. After accomplishing this effective course from
a well know institution. I firmly believe that will join either Print or
Broadcast Journalism and ultimately I would like to have the prospect of
working in both of these forms of media. I believe by joining this university I
will boost myself overall by dint of its good reputation because the purpose of
architecture is to create an atmosphere in which man can live, work and enjoy
and this university got this attribute.

In an extra-curricular sense, I am working with
some organisation as a volunteer. I am working as a volunteer with Stop Hate UK
and counter hate crime online. I am also writing articles for Migrant Voice
organisation and this organisation arranges workshop/training for people who
are interested in media as I have attended few sessions with BBC journalists. I
also regularly attend faith forum and social meetings and this type of social
gathering has allowed me to use my critical analysis skills as well as allowing
me to write persuasively while acknowledging and appreciating the views of

I am looking forward to my University life and my
future in media field, and where it will take to me. I believe that I am enough
appropriated for this degree because I am keenly interested and motivated to
work hard and succeed. If you think that this personal statement does not meet
to your criteria then I would like to say that this is my firm believe that a teacher
is a master who picks pupil from earth and take to sky. Now, I would like to
windup my personal statement by Bred Henry’s quotation. “Teacher can inspire
hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning.”  

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