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Module 2 (0923294): Are Conservation and Development Mutually Exclusive in the Historic Urban Landscape? A Study of Liverpool and Vienna. 
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Conversely, as illustrated by the infographic, the WHC feels that the design of the intended development is drastically unlike the surrounding context, and its sheer scale will significantly alter the city’s skyline thus eclipsing the historic buildings which lend the area its character and hence, visually isolate the development from its context and setting. Furthermore, rather than seamlessly weaving new development into the historic urban fabric, the nature this scheme will fragment the area (WHC UNESCO (7B.Add.), 2012: 182-184). 
This contention of perspectives has led to the emergence of a confrontational environment rather than a constructive discourse. An essential point of negotiation is finding an alternative site for the new Everton FC Stadium proposed in Bramley Moore Dock as, half of this 20 acre proposal is over the dock waters (Houghton, 2017a) and will render the historic profile unintelligible to visitors even if the physical form of the dockland is retained beneath the new construction. If this aspect remains unaltered it will lead to immediate deletion from the World Heritage Register (Proctor 2017, pers. com). In the latest development, late November 2017 saw Everton Stadium Development Limited signing a contract (subject to planning consent) to lease land in the Bramley Moore docks for 200 years. It is estimated that the proposed stadium will provide a £1 billion boost to the local economy creating 15,000 jobs and contribute £94 million annually through sports tourism – hotels, restaurants, retail, etc. (Prentice, 2017; Burke, 2017; Liverpool Waters, 2017). 
Interestingly, Liverpool has, and presently is, witnessing several attempts at regeneration which address both conservation and developmental needs without giving any one approach precedence. While examples of appropriate renewal and adaptive reuse of historic buildings can be seen in the form of the Titanic hotel at Stanley Dock, or the Albert Dock Visitor Centre, even modern projects that do not reuse existing buildings but harmoniously introduce contemporary architecture into the historic fabric, have successfully been executed in the city.

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