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Overall, we have
performed well as a team. We all are a mixture of coordinator and shaper. This
helped us to work well and effectively. 

We have faced so
many issues regarding our Lego challenge to make something because we were
required to have more pieces of the Lego from which we will be able to make
something. We have solved our issues by keeping each other’s idea in mind and
come to the end to make the showroom. As the times were coming closer we have
tried to use all the Lego pieces given by our teacher to make the showroom as
well as, the creativity of the showroom should look good. We were not able to
manage the times because we were working slowly but at the end, we did finish
our task.

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We initially were
in the process of making something from the different sizes of the Lego pieces
and there were no such roles in the beginning. Firstly we thought of to make
the house from the Lego pieces but then we drop the idea and we started to make
the showroom of cars and bikes. After some time we have separated our roles as
the time was running and we have only 5 to 10 minutes to finish our given task.
I and Vedashri were making the showroom whereas Haider and Patrick were making
the car from the Lego pieces which are difficult but because we got some tires
and a person Patrick and Haider did make the Car.


This was the Lego
Challenge which we have done in our Belbin group. We were 4 of them in our
Belbin group which are Vedashri, Haider, Patrick and me. I was not the leader
in this activity but I was a team player and our team was made up of
co-operators and shaper. In this challenge, we were given a task to make
something unique, innovative and thoughtful from the Lego pieces of different
sizes. We have made an open showroom of cars and bike, it is open because
firstly we don’t have many Lego pieces to make the roof so Haider decides to
make the showroom which is open and we have called our showroom as
environmental free. Our showroom was small as is shown above but it is also
thoughtful as you can see the car from above of the showroom.

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