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Requirement Specification


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The main intention of  this document is to illustrate the
requirements needed for the Patient Database.  The participants includes
in the potential system are the following: Administrative
Staff, patients. 

• Patient database two levels of the users: –

 Administrator Level

 User Level

• The Software includes:-

 Stores and Maintain Patient details.

 Maintains all kinds of data related to patient
 diagnostic tests and patient Billing

1.2              Scope 
The proposed software product is the Patient database.The current system in usage
is a paper-based system. It is too slow and cannot not give updated patient
list in reasonable timeframe. The main intention of this system is to maintain
the patient records digitally. The Requirements in this document contain both
functional and non-functional.  
1.3  – Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations 
            PDB  –
Patient Data Base
            PHN  –
Personal Health Number on health card 
            Report – an account  and record of patients      

staff  – administrative staff that work at reception desk of
ID  –  a unique identification number of user to enter the
– a unique word gaining admission into the system 
application –  an application that runs on the Internet 
            MySQL – 
a query language to interrogate the system 
            GUI  – 
Graphical User Interface 

SRS   – Software
Requirements Specification

1.5 Overview 
This Software Requirements Specification (SRS) is the requirements work product
that formally specifies Patient database. Various techniques were used to obtain
the requirements and we have identified needs, analyzed and refined them. The
intention of this document is to formally describe the system’s high level
requirements including functional requirements, non-functional requirements and
business rules and constraints.


2.1 Product Perspective

This PDB is a self-contained system that manages the records of patient.
2.2 Product Functions

The functions of the system can be described as follows:

Registration: When the patient is admitted into hospital the front-desk
staff see  weather the patient is already
registered with the hospital. If he is already registered his PHN is considered
otherwise the patients data is entered into computer and new PHN is generated.

Patient check out: When the patient checks out from hospital his PHN is
deleted from the system and the bed that is evacuated is included in
available-beds list.

Report Generation:  A report is
going to be generated by the system about the information regarding the patients
admitted in the hospital.
2.3 User Characteristics

The hospital are going to use this system for storing patient data. The
administrators and front-desk staff are the participants. The system is designed
to be user-friendly.

Front-desk staff:

They all have basic knowledge about
computer and they are handle checking in the patients.
The administrators has proficient knowledge on computers. They are one who has
right to update patient database.


Specific Requirements

3.1 Functional Requirements 


SRS01           Add
The PDB will allow the reception staff in front desk to add patients
SRS02         Assign ID 
The PDB will allow reception staff to give each patient a unique ID and add
it to the patient’s data. This unique ID will be helpful for the patient throughout
their stay in hospital. 

Check Out

SRS03          Delete Patient

When the patient checks out from the Hospital
then the administrative staff of the  hospital has access to delete the  unique ID from patient data base. 
SRS04          Add to
beds-available list 
The evacuated  beds will be keep in
beds-available list by the administrative staff of Hospital.


SRS05          Patient
The reports were generated by the PDB will about their data like patient’s PHN,
patient’s  first and last name, ward
number, bed number and the doctor’s name  who has treated them 
SRS06          Bed Availability 
The reports were generated by the PDB on availability  of beds about the occupied/unoccupied beds in
ward wise.  

Patient Mandatory Information
Every patient has to provide mandatory data such as their first name, last name,
phone number, PHN, address, ZIP code. 
SRS08          Update
Patient Information 
The Patient can update their data at any time that were given in SRS07. 
 3.2 Design Constraints 
SRS09          Database 
 Free and open source software MYSQL
database is used by the system.
SRS10          Operating
Windows 2000 is the operating system used.
SRS11          Web-Based 

The Database is going  to be a Web-based application. 

3.3 Non-Functional Requirements 
3.3.1 Security 
SRS012          Patient
   The patient can identify
themselves by using their PHN.
SRS013          Logon
Every user who uses the system has a unique Logon ID and Password. 
SRS014          Modification 
Modifications like insert, delete, update can be done by administrative authority.
SRS015          Front
Desk staff Rights
 Adding the patients  in PDB can be done by Front desk staff
SRS016          Administrators’ Rights
        The most powerful right of administrator is
to modify the data in PDB. 
3.3.2 Performance Requirements 
SRS017           Response
         The responses is going to be given by   the
system in 1 second after checking the patient’s data. 
SRS018         Capacity 
The System has to have the capability of storing large amount of data.
SRS019         User-interface 
         The user interface screen has to respond
as fast as possible.

3.3.3 Maintainability 
SRS020           Back
        The data has to be back up by the system .
SRS021           Errors
        A log of all the errors are maintained by
the system. 
3.3.4 Reliability 
SRS023           Availability 
        The system must be available all the time
in the hospital.


 The SRS document gives details related to patient database. Functional
and non-functional requirements are specified to get a complex idea to develop
a project. 






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