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                                                       STATEMENT OF PURPOSE

When I was a student in
Secondary level, I had a great intension for chemistry. I was particularly
interested to learn more about life and realized the importance of that life is
directly related to chemistry. I was a great fascination for chemistry related
subjects which provides me a constant sense of discovery in science.

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The Department of
chemistry between Jahangirnagar university in Bangladesh where I completed my
Bachelor major in chemistry and Master of Science degree provided me to take
multiple courses like in, Medicinal chemistry, Analytical chemistry,
Environment chemistry, materials science, polymer chemistry, industrial chemistry.
Basically, I took Medicinal chemistry during my master degree programme where I
studied a variety of wood material plants that were related to wood fiber. This
wood is used to make for producing multi pharmaceutical products, Hygiene products,
biofuels as well as textile sectors for clothing.

I think this Master of
wood material science would give me outstanding job facilities and   excellent skills in research sectors. By studying
this programme I would able to create Nobel and renewable products form wood fiber
and provide me better sense of wood fiber about major applications in the field
of textile industry, pharmaceutical industry,bio economy  and forestry

This wood materials
science programme is just like similar with my research interest in the faculty
of Science and Forestry at the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu campus.
Because it has gained prominence over the last two decades this branch has
increased to technical innovations and major applications. In addition, I am founder and existing President
of nonprofit organization that is called WASHA. The function of this
organization is to help the needy students of my region financially and
motivate them for higher study in later life. I am also Advisor of BHADON
(Blood donation and collection group) Jahangirnagar university unit Dhaka

 I am the self-motivated student that has many versatile
qualities like well discipline, basic capacity
of knowledge,hardworking,and
maintain communication with multiple people for collaboration research
purposes, teaching profession and how to perpetuate potentiality for research.
That’s why I would enroll in Ph.D. after
completing masters of science in research chemists

I strongly believe that
my academic superiority, self-confidence, exceptional research experiences and
outstanding leadership skills which were achieved from my undergraduate level.
I think the graduate school is only the place where I could fulfill my dream in
research as well as learn the most suitable creative skills that are conducting
at the university of eastern Finland and therefore I am the best candidate for
this graduate programme. Hopefully I am getting positive reply from the
graduate admission committee for Masters of Science in wood materials and this
programme will provide me the superb facilities to use my practical skills,
perceptions about higher study in future and widen frontiers of knowledge in my
mind through attending an international environment.

Yours scenerly


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