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The teacher is the second parent of the student. Teachers
should be role models. Teachers should be able to provide good examples for
their students with good attitude and speech. Teachers must also be able to be
a motivator for students in learning. A teacher is not said to be successful if
only able to run the learning well where the students just sit sweet and silent
listening to the lecturer delivered the subject matter. New teachers are said
to succeed if able to bring a fun learning atmosphere, interactive, dynamic and
the feedback of students on the material delivered.

The relationship between teachers and students in learning
should always be reciprocal, meaning reciprocal communication, where teachers
feel comfortable in teaching and students feel comfortable in the lesson
delivered. If a harmonious relationship can be established in any learning then
it is believed that the learning objectives will be achieved easily.

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In seeking harmonious relationships with students, teachers
must recognize one by one their students. Name, address and student background.
Thus the teacher will be easier to foster harmonious social relationships with

Teachers should also be wise, meaning not directly judge if
students make mistakes. Teachers should seek out, dig up information about the
student’s behavior. It could be that he is having problems in his family or
environment so that he is carried away in learning, and behaves so. The teacher
should try to calm the student and try to talk with her in private to help
solve the problem.

Harmonious relationships of teachers and students can also
be fostered by being friendly and fun to the students. For example by rewarding
students for what they do. When students successfully answer the questions
posed, then give an appreciation to him. Can with a thumbs up, say good,
steady, smart, great and others. Thus students will feel happy and feel
appreciated so that his confidence will increase and become a motivation to
continue learning.

The harmonious relationship between teacher and student is
very important in every learning. Both teachers and students should appreciate
each other. Both are equally comfortable in the learning process, no one feels
depressed so that learning will be effective, active and fun. Thus the learning
objectives can be achieved and the ability of students can increase.




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