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The ability to work in teams effectively is one of
the key requirements when entering the corporate sector and Charles Schwab
claimed, capitalist Andrew Carnegie paid him a million dollars a year not for
his intellect or knowledge of steel but because of Schawb’s skill to get along
with people and work in a team (Viva Books Private LImited, 2007). The attempt of this
research paper is to show how important both teamwork and effective performance
is and how both these correlate. 
According to Jon R. Katzenbach and Douglas K. Smith a team is the
collaboration of individuals with specific skills who are steadfast to a common
goal, and an approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable” (ProLaureate, 2010). But for a team to
be successful effective performance should exist, by definition effective
performance is the efficiency of a group to meet its objectives at the quoted
time and with minimal wastage (Anon., 2017). Teams of
distinctive forms can be seen regularly from working environments to faculties
and even domestic life, this is since teamwork plays a major part in making
errands simple. Katzenbach and Smith (1993), describe that people functioning
in a team function more effectively, are much less at risk of stress and make a
greater effort in their work. (Vaskova & , 2007). The importance and
the correlation of these two elements; that is teamwork and effective
performance will be thoroughly analysed in the paragraphs to come.

The concept of teamwork has been around for decades
experiencing various surges from time to time. With the industrial revolution
teamwork within organizations became popular due to its unique ways of implementing
the organizations undertakings. Teamwork in an organization comes with a strong
competition therefore this will allow all members to work to their fullest
potential since each member is a critic to another group member and will strive
hard to earn praises from each other, this is known as the Hawthorne effect (managementstudyguide, 2018). Furthermore group
members will benefit due to the brainstorming of various ideas from team
members and this will eventually lead to the synergy effect. Richard Hackman
describes that a very synchronized and conjunctive team can produce
synergy, or results that are more efficient than the total of a single team players contributions. (Yeatts & Hyten, 1998). Teamwork permits
for assisting each other when one member has completed with his/her workload
since in the end the team has to reach their ultimate objective, hence time
taken to finish tasks is minimized (Anon., 2018). Every team member
is allocated with set quotas to be covered and this makes them personally
accountable in order to complete their said tasks, therefore this reduces
unnecessary time consumption (Satalkar, 2011).

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Moreover effective performance is noteworthy since
it enables the organization to run smoothly with satisfied employees and
minimal wastage. Three main criteria should be taken into consideration when
ensuring whether performance management is ensured; commitment and communication.
For a team to be effective, member’s motivation and commitment should be at a
higher level by interacting with each other and getting each member involved
within, only then can a team swift to success. Hollenbeck & Klein (1987)
describes that either difficulty level of the goal the team can achieve them
successfully if they are strongly committed to their team (aube & rousseau, 2005). Furthermore
effective communication occurs when a complete message is sent and effusively
received and understood by listeners. Good communication is about getting the
right message to the right person in the right medium at the right time. Inefficient
communication within a group is cited as a key contributing element in
unsuccessful teams. The amount of open communication is mirrored by a team’s
ability to communicate clearly, accurately and effectively, with the freedom to
express views and to query questions (bendaly & bendaly, 2012).

The main obstacle of teamwork is the dissimilarities
in the level of capability of team associates while highly capable team
associates attempts to increase the work pace, the ordinary capable ones
attempts to slow down the work pace. This makes the ordinary competent member
relaxed while the highly competent member is stressed with over work.   Also, separate social/cultural dissimilarities
amongst team members causes a challenge to effective teamwork (Agwu, 2015). To develop a
cohesive team, team members need to obligate to decisions when there is a
reduced amount of perfect information that is accessible, and when no open
consensus develops. Moreover because perfect information and natural consensus
hardly ever exists, the aptitude to commit gets to be one of the most vital
behaviours of a team (Lencioni, 2003). In order for the
team to proceed with activities the goals should be clearly defined, the team
members cannot be unclear and cannot debate about a different understanding to
the defined goals. SMART goals should be made to proceed with activities, goals
are SMART if they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. Team
composition is of research and practical interest because when team members
combine together there will be a greater impact on the team’s outcomes. On the
contrary, if too many members are allocated for a minor objective, the team
will be inefficient and will eventually have lethargic team members to complete
set tasks. “……..there is a sense that as a team gets larger, there is a
tendency for social loafing, where someone gets to slide, to hide” says
Katherine J. Klein ( Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.,

The results from this study indicates that both
variable in this literature that is team work and effective performance are
important for an organization in this dynamic environment but the key
attributes like commitment and other such attributes must be taken into
consideration when speculating an effective team. In addition to the importance
of these two variable, there is a strong positive correlation between these two
variables which suggests that teamwork alone without effective performance
cannot prompt to success. 

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