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TitleIntroductionAimHypothesisVariablesMaterialsMethodsResultsData collectionData processingDiscussion, evaluation and conclusionDiscussion and review        Evaluation and improvementConclusionIB Internal Assessment: The effect of acid rain to the rate of photosynthesis in aquatic ecosystemIntroductionAcid rain is one of the issue that in the environment that needs to be prevented or resolved. It can destroy the ecosystem due to its components composition of chemical reaction of some substances being mixed. Vehicle’s pollution and industrial waste is one of the reason of the precipitation of any form of acidic components as mentioned earlier. So it will be tested in this experiment of the extent of acid rain’s effect in aquatic ecosystem.Research Question: How does acid rain affect the volume of oxygen produced in an aquatic ecosystem?Aim of experimentTo prove whether acid rain is really harm to the aquatic ecosystem or not, because theoretically it is going to disrupt the ecosystem that’s why here experimenter will try to prove it by testing it to a small aquatic plants.HypothesisThe non-acidic water will give no effect on the pattern of the oxygen production by the aquatic plants and it will produce higher amount of volume of water that comes out while the acidic water plants will produce less oxygen which means the volume of water taken out will be in a smaller amount due to the theory explained.VariableIndependent Variable: Light Intensity, PlantsDependent Variable: Type of water (Acidic and Non-acidic)Controlled Variable: Volume of waterApparatus and MaterialsMaterialsQuantityAquatic plants4 (2 reserves)Funnels1Water1000mlPH Meter1Measuring Cylinder1 (250ml)Beaker1 (1000 ml)These are the apparatus required to finish the experiment using the theory of archimedes by calculating the volume comes out. Normal pH experiment dataExperimentpHLight intensityOxygen produced in 2 hoursOxygen produced in 1 dayOxygen produced in 3 day1st6.52560 lux1 ml5 ml14 ml2nd 6.721682 lux1 ml4 ml11 ml3rd7.03468 lux(does not show significant changes)2 ml8 mlAcid rain pH experiment dataExperimentpHLight intensityOxygen produced in 2 hoursOxygen produced in 1 dayOxygen produced in 3 day1st4.55209 lux(does not show significant changes)2 ml5 ml2nd4.56568 lux(does not show significant changes)3 ml5 ml3rd4.43477 lux(does not show significant changes)(does not show significant changes)3 ml

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