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TYPES OF PROTECTIONTypes of Protection Protection systems may be classified into equipment protection and system protection. 1.3.1 equipmentProtection equipment protection deals with detection of a fault within the equipment and sequent protection. equipmentprotection may be more classified into following: line Protection and feeder protection electrical device Protection Generator Protection Motor Protection conductor Protection one.3.2 System Protection System protection deals with detection of proximity of system to unstable operational region and sequent management actions to revive stable operational purpose and/or forestallinjury to equipments. Loss of system stability will result in partial or complete system blackouts. Under-frequency relays, outof-step protection, islanding systems, rate of amendment of frequency relays, reverse power flow relays, voltage surge relays etc area unit used for system protection. Wide space measure (WAM) systems also are being deployed for system protection. management actions related to system protection is also classified into preventive or emergency management actions. with Functioning of somebody’s being somebody’s being may be a complicated system that performs through varied equipment like legs, hands, eyes, ears, heart, bones, blood vessels etc. the center is ANalogous to an electrical generator and abdomen to the boiler. The intake method provides material to come up with calories. the ability generated is wired by memory through a posh network of blood vessels. the first transmission is thru arteries and veins. what is more, distribution is thru fine capillaries. The system operator is that the brain that works on inputs of eyes, ears, skin etc. diagnosis abnormality in any of those organs and taking remedial measures may be thought of as job of “apparatus protection”. However, will this cowl the entire gambit of anomalies? area unit fever, infection etc, a particular equipment problem? Why will it cause overall deterioration in functioning of the human being? the solution lies within the indisputable fact that the system that encompasses body has conjointly abstraction just like the mind. Overall health isn’t simply AN aggregation of equipment. it’s one thing rather morecomplicated. It involves complicated method and associated dynamics (biological, chemical, mechanical etc.) and management. Thus, protective a system isn’t simply equipment protection however one thing rather more. Since we tend to cannot outlinethis “much more” clearly, it’s complicated and difficult. observation of system behavior, taking corrective measures to take care of operation and protective the ability system equipment from harmful operational states is referred as system protection.

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